Talismans collection

Aragon, inspired from aragonite crystals, stays true to Nikoloz Panchulidze's impetus to tribute Georgian traditional ornaments. Like fire in the night, the dial capture attention through a sophisticated play of contrasts: opacity and transparencies, darkness and lights. This piece, second born of the "Talismans" collection, subtlely balances precise patterns, meticulous symmetries, and aliveness of the enamel.

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Unique piece
Handcrafted cloisonné dial
59h power reserve automatic movement
Cloisonné master Nikoloz Panchulidze
Cloisonné enamel master
Nikoloz Panchulidze
Deguiret Cloisonné enamel become alive with lights and shadows - Watch being observed


With lights and shadows changing, the dial renews its glow at every instant of the day.

Resting on a pure silver base, the enamel layer is composed of carefully selected shades with diverse opacities, creating delicate gradients. Being about one millimeter thick, the enamel depth makes the light play on multiple levels, reflecting colors like gemstones.

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Cloisonné enamel never tarnishes or fades - Watch dial being polished

Shining forever

It is well known that enameled art-works never tarnishes and survive centuries to the present day

Enamel is a crystal similar to glass. Its protective functions have made it possible for many enameled artworks to survive centuries to the present day.
"A painting on thick copper, covered with enamel on which it is painted with enamel colors and then put into the furnace again and fired, far exceeds sculpture in durability."
Leonardo da Vinci, Treatise on Painting, Codex Urbinas Latinus n.1270 chapter 34.

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Cloisonné enamel curing process creates micro bubbles - Watch being closely scrutinized under a magnifier.

Unforgeable by nature

Every watch embeds a complex "DNA" code that secures authentication, ownership, and reselling.

Each enamel firing creates a random micro-bubbles pattern easily distinguishable with a hi-res photograph and a magnifying glass. It is impossible to reproduce this pattern: no tools nor process can imitate this complex, random and microscopic phenomenon generated organically from firing. This non-reproducible feature guarantees the singularity of the watch and its authenticity.

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