Cloisonné dial

The unparalleled, exclusive experience of brilliant artists and craftmen turning your vision into a remarkable Cloisonné enamel dial, crown jewel of a truly one-of-a-kind, special timepiece.

A creative process

Commissionning a dial is first and foremost a creative process. Before the artists can start the enameling process, we take the steps that start from your vision until a meaningful dial artwork.

For you and with you

It is a true collaboration all along the way where we dedicate the full extent of our artistery and experience. Together, we can create a unique piece of art, an object with powerful personal significance.


Share your vision

We listen to you so we can understand and embrace your vision. We use these insights to set meaningful creative guidelines for your dial and your watch.


Confirm the creative guidelines

We establish and illustrate a common visual language, which allows us to mutually verify that we are aligned with the different facets of your idea for the dial and your watch personalizations.


See your idea become into art

Our Master Enameler translates your vision into a dial art concept, so that you can visualize the cloisonné pattern, the composition, and the color palette. Once you approve the final art, we'll begin the process of bringing it to life.


Witness your unique watch come to life

Once our enamelers have completed the many delicate steps involved in creating your dial, imbuing it with life and depth, we'll assemble it with the utmost care, incorporating your customized watch components to create a truly unique timepiece.


Few timepieces

Discover some unique commissioned dials that became a Deguiret timepiece and made happy owners.